ARESTA offers different skills and training programmes in order to enhance the skills of refugees and asylum seekers so as to increase their chances of a better livelihood. The core strategy of ARESTA’s skills and training programmes is to empower and create greater self-reliance among the refugee and asylum seeker communities in South Africa.




•The Vocational Skills Training

•The Self-Reliance Training

•The Sewing Skills Training

•The ICT Training


We are also looking at starting up a similar project based on the same concept and model of the sewing programme in which we train ladies in jewellery design and producing items of a high quality and standard that will be able to stand strong in a very competitive market. It is the plan that a percentage of these proceeds will go into a fund created by ARESTA under the Objective Public Attitude towards PoC Campaign “South Africans Give a Red Card to Xenophobia”. The aim is for ARESTA to pledge these proceeds to a refugee family under very serious circumstances who needs financial aid.

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